Dance Styles

Our Programme

Our programme is progressive, building on the foundations of ballet technique while extending Dancer’s skills through Classical Ballet, Contemporary and lyrical. Students will be placed in classes and grades at the discretion of the principle based upon age and experience.

Dance To Your Own Tune

Young dancers 3-5 years will have the opportunity to explore ballet technique, imaginative movement and musicality, while meeting outcomes of (RAD) Dance to Your Own Tune programme.


We offer RAD syllabus ballet to all students. We believe Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance, providing a strong grounding for all students promoting posture, balance & flexibility while encouraging physical & social awareness, cognitive development and emotional maturity.


All students 7 years and over are encouraged to join our Lyrical dance classes. Exploring dance improvisation, interpretive styles & modern movement.

Dance To Your Own Tune

When students participate in any physical activity, a well structured strength & flexibility program is extremely important. Stretching helps prevent injuries and maximises potential range and movement in their desired dance styles.

Private Tuition

Private tuition offers one on one individualised dance tuition for grade work or solo choreography. A great way to boost confidence, gain extension for grade work or for any student who loves performing and needs choreography for a dance solo.

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